Our primary focus as Evolve, is to provide consulting services so as to drive sustainable organisational change. We don’t see ourselves as a training house, but we provide training ideally linked to an organisational objective. We consult broadly in the following areas:

  1. Customised and targeted leadership development aligned to an organisational diagnostic which determines change directed needs.
  2. Full system Culture change / Competitive re-alignment.
  3. Integrated organisational development including structures, processes, systems etc.
  4. Organisational Alignment – Methods to help engage and align all organisational stakeholders around vision, strategy, goals, purpose and reduce silo type practices.
  5. General facilitation ( conflict resolution, strategy, Vision work)
  6. Disciplined execution – This is a methodology, a practice and a process to create an intense alignment between people by utilising cascading goals, communication, prioritisation and metrics within the organisation. Disciplined execution also links to performance management practices.