Diagnostic and Awareness tools (individual and organisational)

We make use of a number of tools and diagnostics to create individual and organisational awareness as well as to drive change.   We are also comfortable with using specific tools that may be preferred by a client that may not be listed below.

  1. Culture and Leadership discussion tools: We have a large body of knowledge to enable  leaders to see the reality of their organisations, and then to know what to do to transform their organisations to become top performers.
  2. The Evolve Leadership Performance Pyramid™ :  This is a 9 lever organisational diagnostic model which can powerfully pinpoint the key areas to be worked on within an organisation.   This diagnostic can be rolled out online or manually.   The online version can be tailored to your specific organisational demographics to the deepest level.  The Performance Pyramid™ is ideal to use at the start of an intervention  or as a once off snapshot or pre-strategy snapshot.
  3. Transformational body of work: We have a large body of work that covers almost every facet of leadership to help build better leaders, teams and organisations.
  4. The Leadership Circle 360:  This is a powerful and highly validated tool that can be used as part of personal development as well as part of team or group development.
  5. The Leadership Circle culture snapshot: This provides a powerful perspective on the style of leadership used within the organisation and hence the resulting way of working that is being used within the organisation.  It will help make senior leaders conscious of the often unintended impact of their leadership, and will hence give them clear insights on how to leverage their strengths to build a true High Performance Culture.