1. Team Leadership Development Journeys: Typically structured as 1 day per month over 6,9 or 12 months, these sessions take a team to a new level in terms of managing and transforming their organisations.   These sessions develop individuals and teams by focussing on best practice and working directly with issues in their organisations.   The sessions always complete with implementation plans for them to positively change themselves, their teams and their organisations. These journels are customised for best impact on each specific organisation.
  2. Leadership Development: We provide needs focussed and customised leadership development differentiated to the needs of people in differing roles and at different organisational levels.
  3. Leaders Coaching Leaders: On its own, or as part of a larger leadership development rollout, leaders coaching leaders teaches participants why to, and how to embrace a coaching leadership style within their organisation.   A coaching style is a very powerful way to create ownership, buy-in and innovation within the workplace.   Widely adopted coaching within organisations drive positive culture change.
  4. Diversity and Transformation Training: We will customise a programme to your needs to either create awareness and/or to understand the necessity of transformation as well as the great opportunity therein.   Attendees will engage deeply with each other and learn to adopt many new perspectives.