“Paul De Beer has worked with DirectAxis since 2012 to enable a full system culture change. He operated across all leadership levels, assisting the senior leadership team to implement new structures, diversity programs, visioning, mentorship programs and organizational goal alignment. Paul’s experience and depth of knowledge enable him to credibly take individuals and teams through growth journeys that are times uncomfortable, but in the end prove to be inspiring and sometimes life changing. He has really helped us grow DirectAxis into a stronger and more resilient organization.”

Mark Finlayson – CEO, DirectAxis

“During 2014 we have engaged Paul de Beer to do leadership development with the senior team in our Group. The content of the program and quality of the presentation was highly professional. We have seen various positive outcomes within the team as a result of the work which Paul has done. Based on our experience to date we believe there are significant potential for future leadership growth in the Group. We have invited Paul to spend time with us gain this year, it will be the senior team again, but also further levels of employees in the Group. I can recommend Paul highly as a leadership consultant.”

Attie van Zyl, Managing Director, Two-a-Day Group (Pty) Ltd

“My experience with Evolve Leadership Consulting was in the context of Paul de Beer coaching some of the Leaders within our business.  Paul knows how to stretch leadership talent on the right issues.  The questions and feedback, asked and obtained by Paul through a systematic process takes individuals on a path of personal change through self-awareness that not only results in an improvement in their leadership capabilities but also a roadmap to improved business results achieved within the volatile, uncertain and complex workplace of today.  I also attended team sessions with Paul resulting in similar outcomes of individual, team and business growth.”

Ronel Pfotenhauer, HR Manager

“Paul de Beer was contracted to facilitate a culture change intervention for NamPower. The facilitation was professionally carried out with a series of activities and leadership workshops under the dynamic leadership of Mr Paul de Beer.

The leadership workshops were an eye-opener to most of our managers. The quality of facilitation, materials and presentations raised the bar for both our senior and middle managers to understand what it takes – both from within themselves and through their influence on the wider company – to deliver high performance and transformational results.

The interventions culminated in action and priority plans which resulted in the company taking concrete steps to address a number of leadership and organisational structural issues highlighted, in and during the reflection workshops.

It is for this reason, that I give my unqualified recommendation to Mr Paul de Beer and his new Evolve Leadership Consulting.  I am confident that Evolve Leadership Consulting will measure up to any customer high expectations.”

Mr Chris Shatona, Organisational Development Manager, NamPower

“Paul worked with me as an inspirational business coach in my capacity as Marketing Director and Team Leader in the Fast Moving Goods industry. He displayed a deep understanding of the interdependencies between effective leadership and successful business strategies with a specific focus on powerful techniques for personal development. My individual coaching program with Paul started with a journey of introspective assessment enabling me to understand the personal and environmental challenges to operating successfully in my leadership role as we worked towards tangible coping techniques and eventually some behaviour changes to perform in a culturally challenging environment. This process provided me with the ability to reframe the situation, claim back my own unique identity along with shifting my behaviour and attitude to be able to thrive within my leadership role. Paul went on to facilitate our Leadership Team workshops, successfully unblocking communication barriers and then introduced us to some practical tools to raise our standards to new levels of interpersonal effectiveness. As intimate and collaborative as Paul was he always displayed a high level of objectivity and professional conduct when dealing with personal feedback. He was never afraid to identify and tackle the toughest of issues and was extremely fair but always direct when raising individual performance. Paul leads by example and is ambitious when stretching himself and others to raise performance to the next level. He was fundamental to my growth as a person and leader over the time we worked together and years later he continues to initiate contact as a friend and colleague. “

  Malcolm S.

“Paul De Beer was involved in our organisation as a consultant to facilitate strategic planning and leadership development. I valued his extra ordinary facilitating skills and the authentic manner in which he managed the process. The process was well presented and facilitated, and has led to long term change that has stood the organisation in good stead.”

Linda Greeff, Oncology Social Work Manager, GVI Oncology